On this page you will find links to resources, that may be of interest to you, your friends or loved ones.  Clicking on any one, will bring you directly to their website where you will find information on their business and/or organization.

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Friends 4 Kindness

The goal of Friends 4 Kindness is to reach as many kids as possible, to celebrate them and let them know that they matter.

Friends 4 Kindness sends cards in the mail to individuals who celebrate special occasions alone. They host Unbirthday birthday parties for kids who struggle with friendships.

Youth Mental Health Canada Organization

Youth Mental Health Canada is a grassroots, youth-driven and led non-profit organization focused on education, advocacy and filmmaking for youth mental health change.

They advocate for greater funding of publicly funded, culturally sensitive, needs-based, innovative supports and services in healthcare and education.

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Beyond Healing Pathways

Beyond Healing Pathways helps you in the best possible way.  Whether you are looking for products at our local store in Hamilton or you require holistic healing services in store or online, were here to help!  Living and breathing your true passion and love for life makes it worth living each day and being grateful for it.