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Carry Me Sensory weighted blankets are made to order.  This means that you get to choose the colour and print that you would like!  

Today, you can get a weighted blanket almost anywhere!

But, I know that quality is as important to you, as it is to me. Carry Me Sensory's weighted blankets are NOT mass produced in a factory overseas, they are handmade, in Canada.  You always get the size, weight and quality that you require and deserve.


Tiny glass beads are used for the weight, in your weighted blanket.  These smooth, round beads are less than 1mm in diameter and are quiet in your blanket.  They are quite dense, which means your blanket is not bulky!  Best of all, they're more environmentally friendly than plastic poly pellets.

So much time, pride and love is put into each weighted blanket made by Carry Me Sensory.  Each weighted blanket is hand crafted, in Hamilton Ontario.


To ensure you get the most benefit from your weighted blanket, the weight is evenly distributed, in individual chambers.  So, as you lay peacefully under your weighted blanket, the gentle pressure is felt all over.

Carry Me Sensory always recommends 100% cotton and/or 100% cotton flannel as they are breathable materials.  There are 4 layers of fabric, plus glass beads, used to make your weighted blanket.  Using synthetic outer layers such as minky or fleece will trap the heat in and make you feel more warm, sweaty and uncomfortable.  With that being said, Carry Me Sensory will make your weighted blanket with the fabric of your choice.

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