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Hello, I'm Denise Campbell and I am the proud owner of Carry Me Sensory.  I reside in my home town of Hamilton, Ontario Canada with my husband and our two children.

Carry Me Sensory came to fruition in 2015.  Since then, I have helped bring comfort and calm, to hundreds of people with my weighted blankets, weighted lap pads and sensory toys & games.

For 15 years, I worked as an Educational Assistant, working with some of the most vulnerable students in the school system.  Watching them succeed in every day accomplishments was always rewarding for me.


It was while working with these students that I saw the need, and benefits, of weighted blankets.  To see a student, who was on the verge of anxiety or aggression suddenly become more calm and relaxed, with the use of a weighted blanket, was always curious to me.  It brought me to do a lot of research on weighted blankets.

Through this research, I found the science behind weighted blankets quite fascinating.  Something that struck me though, was how difficult they were to obtain and frankly, how expensive they were.  You can almost say that I made it my mission, to find a way to bring weighted blankets to those who would benefit from them, at a more cost effective price.  

I'm so happy to say that I've done that.  As well, I'm proud to say that I source all of my materials from Canadian suppliers and/or manufacturers.  Most of my materials are purchased in bulk.  This allows me to sell my beautiful, custom made weighted blankets at a more affordable cost!

My blankets are all hand made.  Because they are handmade, and not sourced to a factory, you get to pick the exact weight that you require.  You also get to pick the colour and/or print that you'd like. 

I pride myself in my customer service skills and am always willing to answer any and all questions you may have.  By choosing Carry Me Sensory for your weighted blankets and other sensory needs, you're choosing high quality  and workmanship.  When you choose Carry Me Sensory products, you know they are top of the line, and made to last.  Not only that, but you're supporting a Canadian run and owned small business.

Thank you for choosing Carry Me Sensory.  I look forward to working with you, to bring calm and relaxation to you and your loved ones' lives.

Denise Campbell