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What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are non-invasive products that are used to help bring calm and relaxation to the body and mind, without the use of medications.


The gentle pressure on the muscles and joints is like a gentle hug, or a grounding effect. This is called 'Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation'. 


Some people also describe the sensation like a full body massage.

Who benefits from a weighted blanket?

The answer is "everyone".


Because the weighted blanket triggers the release of chemicals in the brain, that help you relax, anyone can benefit from a weighted blanket. Here's a list of some that have benefitted.


Those coping with:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Dementia

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Insomnia

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Alzheimers

  • Dental Anxiety

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Bi-Polar Disorder


  • Psychosis


The list doesn't stop there though. Many people, without a disorder or diagnosis, have benefitted from a weighted blanket. Some people just prefer to have that extra weight on them, which gives them a sense of calm and helps promote a deeper, sound sleep.


Although I have done extensive research on weighted blankets, I am neither equipped nor trained to give medical advice. I can give recommendations on the suggested weight and size only.


Please speak with your health care professional and/or therapist if you are considering a weighted blanket. They can recommend the size, weight and proper duration of use for you.

How do I know the size and weight to order?

Your best option is to ask your healthcare professional and/or therapist for a recommendation. If that is not an option, I recommend following the 10% rule; a weighted blanket should be 10% of the body weight and go from the shoulders to just past the toes. For example; a person weighing 150lb standing 5’6” would require a 15lb, 40x72 inch weighted blanket. For children, the recommended guideline is 10% plus one pound of the body weight.


Your weighted blanket should start at the shoulders and go just past the toes. Due to the weight, it should not cover the neck.


A weighted blanket should not hang over the bed.   Not only do you risk it sliding off your bed while you sleep, but this will also make the blanket feel much heavier that it is.


Once you follow the guideline for your weighted blanket, you may feel that it will be too heavy for you. This is ok, just have it made to the weight that you desire. On the other side, some people would prefer more weight. This is ok too. Just keep in mind that you must be able to remove the blanket yourself and not feel confined under it.

How do I choose my fabrics?

Carry Me Sensory does not limit your fabric choice. You simply let me know the colour and/or print that you’d like and I try to find that for you. You can always browse my 'Gallery' page or get print ideas from Google, or another search engine.


Some people are very particular about the colour and/or print of their fabric, this is ok, and understood. For this reason, you are welcome to purchase your own fabric and mail it directly to me, for your weighted blanket. I will advise you on the amount of fabric that is needed. The cost of your weighted blanket will be based on all the other materials and the amount of time it takes to make your blanket, so please keep in mind that if you pay $80 for your material, this does not mean that $80 will be deducted from the cost of your blanket.

How long does it take to get my order?

Your blanket is usually ready 3-5 days from the time I purchase the fabric of your choice. They are completed in the order they are received. In extenuating circumstances, priority can be given.


During busy seasons the turnaround time can get a bit longer, but I will let you know this before you place your order.


Items purchased directly from my store, are usually shipped within 24 hours.

How much does a weighted blanket cost?

Weighted blankets vary in price, based on the size, weight and fabrics chosen, as well as the amount of time it takes to make your blanket.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my weighted blanket?

Some people have found that their insurance company, or other government funding, will reimburse them the cost of their weighted blanket, so it never hurts to ask them!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. I only require a $50 deposit at the time of your order. The balance is due when your blanket is ready.

How much does it cost to ship my blanket to me?

Shipping prices vary based on the size and weight being shipped, as well as the destination. To get a quote, I just need your postal code.

Can I wash my weighted blanket?

Absolutely! Your weighted blanket can be washed and dried at home, in a front loading washer and dryer.


Carry Me Sensory recommends that your weighted blanket be washed alone and not with other items. You should always inspect your weighted blanket before, and after, washing it. Inspection is quick and simple, by laying it flat on your bed.

What if I change my mind?

Your order is considered placed, once you pay your deposit. If you decide that you no longer want to go through with your order, 50% of your deposit ($25) will be refunded to you.


If your materials have already been purchased, you still forfeit 50% of your deposit.  You are welcome to the fabric that is purchased and will be charged the cost of the fabric.


I always encourage you to take the time you need, before you place your order.

Can I return my item?

Because your blanket is custom made, it is non-returnable/refundable. You choose the colour/print, size and weight of your blanket, so be sure to choose something that you will like and get the most benefit from. They are a big investment, so I encourage you to take the time to decide if a weighted blanket is right for you, before placing your order.


Before your item is shipped, it is inspected. All of my products are handmade and I take great pride in this. A lot of time, care and love is put into each item.


Carry Me Sensory wants you to be happy with your item. Please be sure to ask any questions and follow the advice of your health care professional and/or therapist before you place your order.


In order to prolong the life of your weighted blanket, please be sure to follow the care instructions.

Where are you located?

Carry Me Sensory is located in the beautiful city of Hamilton, Ontario Canada.


In order to be able to offer the best prices, I do not operate out of a store front. All of my products are made in my office, in my home.

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