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  • This cream colour 100% flannel wrap weighs 2.5lbs.  It is filled with flaxseed and dried lavender.  This wrap has a removable, washable, reversible cover and a snap closure.  It can be put in the microwave or the freezer.  The inside flaxseed bag is sewn into sections, for a better distribution of weight and flexibility.


    A heated wrap can be used to help ease the stress and tension in the shoulders and neck, which can lead to pain and tight muscles.  As well, use your heated wrap to help with the temporary relief of  back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, arthritis, headaches, sore joints and more.


    You can also put your weighted wrap into the freezer.  When used as a cold pack it works by reducing blood flow to a particular area which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that cause pain.


    This weighted wrap measures approximately 31x5.5 inches.


    ***please contact for shipping quote, before purchase***


    Weighted Wrap