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  • Save money and reduce your household waste with these Unpaper Towels. These Unpaper Towels can be washed and reused over and over again.


    Some of the uses are:


    • wiping up spills

    • wiping hands and faces

    • quick dish washing

    • cleaning and dusting


    Each double ply towel is approximately 12” x 12", and is made of 100% cotton flannel materials. The serged edges helps prevent fraying.


    Being 2 ply flannel, they hold much more liquid than your regular paper towels and they can be rinsed, hung to dry, and reused multiple times before laundry day.


    Easily roll them onto your paper towel holder or keep them folded ready to use on the counter or in a drawer.


    This set includes 9 two ply, unpaper towels.

    9 Reusable Un-paper Towels

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