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Weighted blankets for king size beds

Lots of people have contacted me, asking for a king size weighted blanket. Carry Me Sensory does not recommend king size weighted blankets. I have always avoided making king size weighted blankets as it is unlikely that you will get the benefit you require. If two people would benefit from a weighted blanket, they should each have their own blanket made.

A weighted blanket should be made for the user and not the bed. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket, in individual pockets. If you have a weighted blanket made to fit the bed, a lot of the weight will be lost to the bed. This makes your weighted blanket less effective for the user.

Carry Me Sensory has found that a 40 inch wide weighted blanket is the perfect width for adults. With two 40 inch wide weighted blankets, they will cover the entire width of a king size bed. Each user can have their own weighted blanket, custom made to the size and weight they require. With Carry Me Sensory, you always pick the colour/print you’d like, so you can have them made with the same colour and print or you can have them made with different colours and prints. The choice is always up to you!

Carry Me Sensory has always recommended 100% cotton and/or 100% cotton flannel materials. As there is a lot of materials needed to make a weighted blanket, some users find that they can get warm. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton is a breathable material, so using cotton helps to make it less warm. A popular combination is cotton on one side and flannel on the other.

I have been sleeping with my weighted blanket for more than 3 years now and it is a combination of the two materials. During the cooler months, I use the flannel side against my body and during the warmer months, I use the cotton side against my body. My weighted blanket helps to give me a more sound and comfortable sleep.

Happy sleeping!

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